About ShaJa



My first career in the arts was in modern dance, and I hold a master’s degree in that discipline. Later in life, seeking another form of creative expression, I found clay. I like to think that I “choreograph” the clay so that it directs the eye and the mind. The physicality of the work has similarities to the dance. Throwing porcelain on the wheel demands strength, concentration and coordination.  I use yoga breathing principles to produce the delicate yet strong pressure needed to pull the clay smoothly and evenly upwards. I like to think I “choreograph” the clay so it directs the eye and the mind.

I begin to create my forms by throwing high-fire porcelain on the potter’s wheel. The piece may then be carved, altered, or combined with other forms before applying the crystalline glaze and firing using a precise schedule. The crystals seem to float in their pool of glaze, creating a choreography of their own. The unpredictable variations in placement and size of the crystals makes each kiln opening an occasion for anticipation and wonder, like a child opening a gift.

I work from my studio in Laguna Niguel, California.  My work is exhibited at art shows throughout the region, and is also sold through galleries and gift shops nationwide.